Stainless Steel Clothespin Springs

You can purchase our American-made, heavy-gauge, tight-coil, stainless steel clothespin springs right here (see the difference below).

Click the drop-down pricing menu below to choose quantity, then click "Add to Cart" button and order springs now.

Note: Prices include shipping to any address in the USA (extra charges will apply to shipments outside America). Also, you will notice that the springs are less expensive when purchased in larger quantities.

UPDATE: 23 October 2022
I am putting the sale of clothespin springs on hold because inflation and material price increases have driven my cost of springs to a shockingly high amount. 
I am hoping that my wholesale spring cost will, in time, drop to a more reasonable price. Or, that someone else in the artisan clothespin making community will take over supplying springs. If either of those events take place, I will refer everyone to the new spring supplier.

See The Difference...

The clothespin on the left has the typical springs found on cheap imported clothespins. The wire is small diameter, and the coils are spread apart. Those clothespin springs are not made to last, and clothespins made with them do not last long when they are used to hang laundry (they work just fine for craft projects).

The spring on the right clothespin is the one we sell. It has a larger wire diameter and tight coils. Besides that, our springs are stainless steel. You simply will not find a better quality clothespin spring than the ones we sell. They are made to our specifications by an American spring manufacturer. Our springs are made to not only  last a lifetime, but to hold laundry on the line much, much better than the unreliable imports.